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Chiropractic Care

What Does A Chiropractor Do?

It is easy to think that all a chiropractor does is pop a few joints and send you home, but in reality a chiropractor takes the time to realign your spine and joints to relieve pain and improve health. Because you spine protects the nerves that run from your body to your brain, the spine is at the root of many people's pain. 

Headaches? Your upper spine is misaligned. Knee pain? Your hips could be out of place. To know for sure, you need to make an appointment with a chiropractor for a spinal adjustment. 

Spinal Adjustments

Your spine is at the center of your body's support system, your skeleton, making it the most susceptible to wear, tear and misalignment. The spine is made up of disks that are meant to allow you to bend and twist while protecting the column of nerves that run through its center. There are times when those disks can become misaligned, pinching nerves and causing pain in other parts of the body. 

Find Relief With Chiropractic Care

At The Chiropractic Health Center, our professional chiropractors are trained to know how to handle your pain, adjusting your spine and joints so your body can heal. Regular chiropractic care can improve overall health, reduce dependency on pain medication and increase flexibility. 

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