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Ultra Sound

Ultra sound is high freuqency sound waves. It is a therapeutic device that is widely used by all health fields- hospitals, medical doctors, dentists, osteopaths, podiatrists, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Ultra sound in the tissue - "micro massage."

Microscopic massage - the vibration of each individual cell causes the cell to greatly increase its metabolic rate or throw off its waste products. This is very helpful because injured or malfunctioning tissue can not metabolize or throw off its waste products due to congestion. This causes more congestion, slows down the recovery rate, and causes a weakened state, malfunction, scar tissue, or calcification.

By the use of ultra sound, the sound vibrates the cells, causing them to increase their metabolic rate, which in turn "cleans" the tissue, so the injured of malfunctioning tissue heals much faster and more completely.

Ultra sound is used by dentists to clean teeth. It is used by the doctors in the musculo-sketal area to clean the injured tissue to speed up proper healing. Use of ultra sound will shorten the treatment time, and usually, the treatment frequency.

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